Solar STALICO Tower

The latest generation of STALICO mobile camera mast is available with 3 integrated solar panels. An ingenious folding system guarantees optimal absorption of solar energy.

In combination with one of our battery systems, this ensures an astonishing autonomy.

One of the most climate-saving developments for small consumption.


  • Camera mast 6.9m
  • Open frame for 3 solar panels
  • Weight: 485kg
  • Dimensions closed: w.120 x l.120 x h.253
  • Dimensions open space: w.200 x l.200 x h.650
  • Telescopic extension adjustable between 3 m and 6.9 m
  • 2 stainless steel locks
  • 1 hinged door hard aluminum 3mm
  • 2 guy cables
  • 2 forklift pockets -> 4 sides accessible
  • 1 central lifting eye
  • mechanical telescopic boom with hand winch
  • circle spirit level
  • lettering corporate identity door and side walls
  • SOLAR System 3 LG panels 360W
  • Battery tray for 2 batteries
  • 2 x battery 220 Ah
  • inverter and charger


  • Battery monitor
  • Compact Hybrid


  • Sturdy steel box with four equal and personalized side walls
  • Sturdy hinged door with 2 locks with unique key code
  • Easy to move with forklift or pallet truck
  • Easy to lift (4 lifting eyes and spoon tubes)
  • Easy to set up by 1 person
  • Flexible and multifunctional
  • Can be completely built according to your wishes
  • Stable due to its 4 extendable supports with adjustable foot
  • They are time and weather resistant due to hot galvanized steel
  • Due to their solid appearance, they are vandalism and theft proof
  • Mechanical winch hidden and closed in the box

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