The STALICO Box is a mobile and temporary extending pole useable in various sectors from industry, construction, sports, events, security, infrastructure works, and civil purposes to amusement parks. The STALICO Box can be moved, stacked and hoisted. It is also very stable and can be erected by one person. This type of camera pole protects all equipment in a closed box.

  • Lighting: e.g. Lamps Matrix LED technology
  • Weight: 390 kg
  • Dimensions closed: w 120 x l 120 x h 253
  • Dimensions opened: w 200 x l 200 x h 850
  • Telescopically extending between 6.9 m and 8.5 m
Versatile options
  • Lighting, e.g. lamp unit MATRIX LED technology
  • Surveillance camera with software
  • Server housing
  • Cable reels
  • UPS technology
  • Measuring and transmitting equipment
  • Antennas to make wireless connections bridge long distances for example. WiFi
  • Personalised boxes. The STALICO Box is personalised so it contributes to your organisation or company branding.
STALICO advantages
  • Strong steel box with four equivalent and personalised side walls
  • Strong hinged door with two locks and unique key code
  • Simple to transport by fork-lift truck or transpallet
  • Easily to hoist (4 hoisting eyes and fork holes)
  • Simple to erect by one person
  • Flexible and multifunctional
  • Assembly fully in line with your wishes
  • Stable with its four extending supports with adjusting foot
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel so time- and weather-resistant
  • Stackable in twos
  • Solid and robust appearance so vandalism- and theft-proof
  • Mechanical winch concealed and closed off in the box 

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Matrix LED 150W

Lighting Matrix LED 150W 21.0k lumen stands out by separate LEDs and varied lenses. As the most powerful LED it guarantees the strongest, sustainable light for any purpose. Available with white and green light. This Matrix LED with A-brand LED and power supply offers very high light output and 65% savings on energy costs. 


STALICO Transporter EA13

With the user-friendly STALICO Transporter you can transport camera poles and light poles to any site behind a car or light-duty truck. The Transporter is a unique transportation concept made of hot-dip galvanised metal with a European braked chassis. The trailer is suitable for all European countries and indispensable for any user in possession of a STALICO extending pole. It is CE-certified and supplied with a CE declaration.

Powermoon LED 600W

Balloon lighting Powermoon LED 600W is set up in 10 seconds. It is the ideal safety lighting or balloon lighting with LED. Available on a stand for road construction, railways, earth moving, underground engineering, tunnel construction, etc. The balloon lighting combines high light output with low consumption. Price is excl. stand.

Extension cable 10 m rubber 2.5mm² CEE 16A plug

Extension cable 25 m rubber 2.5mm² CEE 16A plug

Adapter cable 5 m rubber 1.5mm² CEE 16 Schuko plug


Street LED+ 120w

The Street LED+ has a very modern appearance with its simple and very thin design. This lamp has very powerful heat extraction with its fine structure. It is IP66 certified. The Street LED+ is highly suitable for temporary street lighting, car parks and internal roads. Ideal for assembly on our stationary battery towers. Its simple design means the Street LED+ is easy to install and maintain. It also has a wide range of wattage so the light can be used for different applications.