Extension cable 10 m rubber 2.5mm² CEE 16A plug
Adapter cable 5 m rubber 1.5mm² CEE 16 Schuko plug
Extension cable 25 m rubber 2.5mm² CEE 16A plug
Cable 1 x pressed eye
Cable 6mm (dia) , 7x19 talurid with 1 pressed eye L3500mm
Cable 2 x pressed eye
Cable 6mm (dia), 7x19 talurid with 2 pressed eyes L2805mm
Spiral cable
Spiral cable PUR 4+1 ader 1.5mm³
Adapter cable
Adapter cable CEE 0.75m rubber 1.5m² 16A Schuko
GR WattSun Dock 1500
GR WattSun is the fastest solution for the professional to use stored energy at any location. A further 4 extra exchangeable packs can be stacked on top of the dock station. THIS IS UNIQUE! Can be built into the STALICO camera masts and can be used on any terrain. We are happy to make time to inform you about this revolutionary battery system. Totally safe and user-friendly. You can consult the folder under the heading WATTSUN.  
Stackable, mobile powerful solar panels These solid frames have been specifically developed to be placed on the ground in combination with our Battery pack or the internal battery pack that is present in the STALICO camera mast. The MOBILE GROUND SOLAR has 4 solar panels of 415WP per panel and are linked to a VICTRON solar charger. With a 5m charging cable with SB120 24V plug, these are connected to the external battery pack or the internal battery in the camera mast. These solar panels can be connected individually with the battery pack and can be combined with the STALICO Compact Hybrid. Can be linked in pairs to our new                    STALICO OFFGRID XXL system.