Coupling pole

The most practical and handy light, camera and Atex pole on the market!

This COUPLING POLE can be used in series to connect a number of poles to each other. The convenient handles and large wheels make the trolley easy to move.

The versatility is unique!

You can connect the following: LED lights, cameras or ATEX lamps. There is also room for 2 batteries. Ideal when you want to use this COUPLING POLE independently with an emergency power supply and evacuation. You very easily transport this compact pole in a van so you can drive through any door opening. With the pallet size no fewer than 32 can be transported at one time.

With this mobile pole GR technics offers a revolutionary solution for quick action and poorly accessible places.


A new product of our own making. This COUPLING POLE is assembled from the most reliable parts. The pole parts are hot-dip galvanised and have stainless steel roller bearings and cable wheels. As a result it is highly suitable for the petrochemical industry. This handy mobile tower is an excellent product for professional use in combination with ATEX LED lights or ATEX gas measurement equipment. 

  • Dimensions closed: w 80 x l 120 x h 190
  • Dimensions open: w 180 x l 240 x h 600
  • Telescopically extending between 1.9 m and 6 m
  • circular spirit level
  • Weight: 205 kg net
Versatile options
  • Lighting, e.g. lamp unit LED technology
  • Surveillance camera with software
  • Battery pack
  • UPS technology
  • Measuring and transmitting equipment
  • Antennas to make wireless connections bridge long distances for example. WiFi
COUPLING POLE advantages
  • Strong steel construction
  • Simple to transport by fork-lift truck
  • Easy to hoist (central lifting eye)
  • Simple to erect by one person
  • Flexible and multifunctional
  • Assembly fully in line with your wishes
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel so time- and weather-resistant
  • Stable with its four extending supports with adjusting foot

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