The OFFGRID HYBRID SYSTEM is a completely independent intelligent energy system.

This system saves up to 80%CO². No more power loss by only supplying the power demand from a large lithium battery pack. By bringing together a diesel generator, mobile solar panels and battery storage, this OFFGRID HYBRID SYSTEM becomes the most sustainable energy solution for temporary use.

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Specifications at 8000W 24/7
kVA Hybrid : 24 kVA
kVA Generator : 44 kVA
In combination with our Ground Solar : +/- 2400Wp
Maximum connected power 20KW
Tank capacity : 695l
Diesel consumption l/h : 7.5l/h
Consumption hours/week for average 8000W 24/7 : 55h/w
Diesel consumption/week : 412,5l
80% CO less than normal generator

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