STALICO CO² Neutral Ecolight 8.5 m

The STALICO Co2 Neutral Ecolight is the most sustainable light pole on the market. Ideal for lighting without generator, filling up or power supply for independent and noiseless use on the move. With a battery of for example 720 Ah 48 V, this light pole guarantees up to 100 hours of autonomous operation and the most CO-neutral lighting of your site. The innovative light pole container can be moved, stacked and hoisted. It is very stable and can be erected by one person.

STALICO BATTERY Box Specifications
  • Weight: approx. 1,440 kg
  • Battery pack 
  • Dimensions closed: w 120 x l 120 x h 253
  • Dimensions opened: w 200 x l 200 x h 850
  • Telescopically extending between 2.5 m and 8.5 m
Versatile options
  • timer | light sensor | emergency light switching | cable reel | battery charger
  • Personalised boxes. The STALICO light pole containers can be personalised and contribute to your organisation or company branding.
STALICO advantages
  • Simple to transport by fork-lift truck or transpallet
  • Easily to hoist (4 hoisting eyes and fork holes)
  • Simple to erect by one person
  • Flexible and multifunctional
  • Extra accessories can be assembled
  • Stable with four extending supports with adjusting foot
  • Pleasant and sufficient light dispersal
  • Time- and weather-resistant
  • Made of hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Stackable in twos
  • Vandalism- and theft-proof
  • Mechanical winch locking with padlock

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